Provided in the BSL Party Line Fall / Winter 2016 Newsletter

During the summer, some of you may have noticed that the asphalt on the surface of BSL Road where the lake drain runs under the road had been cut away and replaced with new asphalt. It turns out there was a significant leak around the drain culvert and the road was washing away. The Lake County Road Commission made a temporary repair. However, after evaluation, the lake drain needed extensive work.

The Lake County Road Commission is responsible for the drain and its operation. After evaluation and analysis, the lake drain must be replaced.

The lake drain structures are 30 years old. The lake drain was built to comply with a Lake County Circuit Court order that established the high water mark at Big Star Lake. The Lake County Road Commission operates the current lake drain to comply with the Lake County Circuit Court order.

Lake County has hired an engineering firm and is currently reviewing two proposed new lake drain designs. They are also getting bids on construction costs and determining what permits are required, and how to fund the project. Once they have all of the above compiled, there will be Public Hearings to seek input.

Your association is following this project closely and we will do our best to keep you informed as to the status.

Bob Tiggleman