BSLA's Fireworks are scheduled for July 5th, 2014 at Dusk. The rain date will be July 12th, 2014 (a week later).After you've enjoyed the sights of the Boat Parade, join us around 10:15 p.m. when the BSLA will sponsor the annual Big Star Lake Fireworks Show.The fireworks show will take place weather permitting on either the primary date or the rain date.

The Big Star Lake Association and its membership, would like to thank the following individuals and business for their financial support for the 2013 fireworks display. Without their contributions we could not continue the high quality show we have all come to expect. The BSLA asks that your family and friends support our sponsors.

Mels' at the Lake - Ace Baldwin Hardware - Baldwin Dairy Queen - Bistephen Lawrence - GS Star Lake R.V. Resort - Ken and Vivian Savage - Norma and Lewis VanKuken - Jim and Joan Zawacki - Gleason Sales and Service

Thanks again.

We are again seeking sponsorships for the 2014 fireworks display. Should you like to sponsor this season's show please contact Bob Mateja at the contact information below. You can also contact any memeber of the BSLA Board of Directors and they will be able to assist you.

Bob Mateja Fireworks/Boat Parade Co-Chairman or call at (810)227-7017

Please keep in mind that due to federal and state safety regulations public access for viewing from the camp is unavailable. If you plan on viewing the show from the water, please observe all setbacks established by the Sheriff’s Department and MDNR.

The fireworks show will take place weather permitting on either the primary date or the rain date.

Fireworks Interruption  Dear BSLA Members and Supporters and Sponsors, This is a letter I never wanted to write. As you know the BSLA fireworks show was interrupted at nearly the halfway point of the show. The cause of the interruption was due to a three inch shell which detonated prematurely while in the launch tube. The resulting explosion injured one of the fireworks technicians. As a result the show was immediately stopped to give aid to the technician. The injured tech was then transported to the Reed City hospital where she was treated for her injuries and released early Sunday morning. She received a bad burn and cuts to her legs.

I met with her on Sunday morning and extended to her on behalf of the entire BSLA family, our wishes for a speedy recovery. She is in great spirits and told me “I will be back next year, we just love this place.” We look forward to her return.

As the technician was being transported to hospital I met with all of our on-site safety official’s and the lead technician to evaluate the entire situation. Although our hearts were with the injured tech, I decided to finish the display.

Although the grand finale many have looked good, as many as 140 of those shells did not fire as a wire was cut/broken during the time EMS and Lake Township Fire/ Rescue were attending to the tech. I will work this out with Wolverine Fireworks Display.

On behalf of the BSLA want to extend a BIG THANK YOU, to Lake Township Fire and Rescue, Carr Fire Department, Lake County Sherriff’s Department and all emergency personal who quickly responded to give aid to the injured tech. You are the true the heroes of Lake County!

In closing, I can say without a doubt, that the BSLA FIREWORKS DISPLAY will be back and better than ever in 2015. Thank You for your support.

Bob Mateja , BSLA Firework Chairman