Boater Safety

A second 2018 Boater Safety Class has been scheduled

A second boating safety class has been scheduled for:
When: Saturday July 28, 2018

Time:  9 am until 3 pm [lunch provided courtesy of BSLA]

Location:  StarLite Pavilion [Behind the Lake Township Fire Station]

Pre-registration is required

Please note: The class on June 30th  is filled.
Please contact Carol Steely for more information. Her information is provided below:
Carol Steely

Date:  Saturday, June 30, 2018-This is class is filled

Time:  9 am until 3 pm [lunch provided courtesy of BSLA]

Location:  StarLite Pavilion [Behind the Lake Township Fire Station]

Cost:  Free (but is limited to 15 participants)

BSLA in conjunction with our partners at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department will have a boater safety class on Saturday, June 30, 2018 from 9 am to 3 pm [lunch provided].  We will have a certified instructor conducting this class.

The class will focus on teaching the young aspiring boat operator safe boating practices; how to avoid dangerous situations; the laws relating to operating a boat; and the importance of obeying all safety laws and practices.  Those participants who successfully complete the training will receive their Boating Safety Certificate.

BSLA takes boating safety very seriously.  We need everyone who uses Big Star Lake for any reason to make safety the highest priority.  The whole lake community’s goal each year is an accident and injury free boating season on Big Star Lake.  Being courteous and following the boating rules will help make 2018 a safe boating season.

Please mark your calendars so you [or your child] can earn a Boating Safety Certificate this summer.

Remember! Safety experts strongly encourage the that everyone on the lake use a PFD (personal flotation devices).

BSLA has made available resuscitators and a few first aid items available at several locations around the lake shoreline.   These emergency response items are stored in specially marked mail boxes placed on posts back from the water on the beach. The location of these boxes is shown on the lake map which the BSLA makes available at the July all member meeting. Please become familiar with the location of these emergency supplies in your area. Remember in the case of an accident you may be the first responder and the only one available to save a life.

Please contact me at or call me at (616) 916-8864 if you have any questions.

Thanks and Safe Boating!

Carol Steely