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4th of July Boat Parade

2017 Boat Parade Theme:  “Vacation Destinations”

Boat Parade Date:  Saturday, July 1, 2017

Registration Location:  The Boat Parade starts at the Tall Oaks Camp.  You must be at the Camp by 7:15 pm to get registered to be part of the boat parade.  Complete the Boat Parade Registration Form from the website or pick it up at Mel’s at the Lake and bring it with you on July 1 at 7:15 pm to hand to the judges.

Boat Parade Categories Contest [trophies are awarded]:

  1. Most Original
  2. Most Patriotic
  3. Most Humorous
  4. Best Overall [this winner selects the 2018 Boat Parade theme]

We need you to participate to earn your bragging rights as the 2017 Big Star Lake Boat Parade winner! Come join in the fun on Saturday, July 1st.  You need to enter to win.  Click on the link above and fill out the Entry Form. The winner of Best Overall gets the honor to choose the 2018 boat parade theme.

Plan on having your decorated boat in front of Tall Oaks Camp by 7:15 pm and bring your registration form. The parade starts at 7:30 pm.

In order to assist in the registration process, please have your completed registration forms available at the parade’s staging area. Parade officials will collect registration forms and distribute your registration number to display on your boat. This number should be displayed prominently so the parade judges can reference it in their selection process.

The boat parade is led by our parade judges, the Lake County Sheriff’s deputies, who are responsible for selecting the winners. During the parade, the judges make their selections and the parade officials deliver the trophies directly to the winners.

Boat parade winners will be posted on the BSLA website and at Mel’s at the Lake.

Special Note Some participants do not like their boats / floats being pelted by water filled balloons. Please refrain from throwing / shooting any form of propelled water bombs, so we can avoid having a small child injured or scared. Thank you and pass this request on to others.

The Beren’s family selected the 2016 Boat Parade Theme – ”Sports Teams Fanatics“. While the turnout was rather low for the 2016 contest, the entry quality was very good.  Winners were:

  • Best Overall:  The Berens family for the second year in a row.
  • Most Humorous:  The Gethin Group.
  • Most Patriotic:  The Hillary Family.
  • Most Original:  The Oosterheert Clan.