Mason County Walleye Association

Letter received from the Mason County Walleye Association To: Larry Treece RE: Big Star Lake Association Contribution We sincerely appreciate the $500 donation from the BSLA to the Mason County Walleye Association.  As you are aware, we reais Walleye for the DNR. We are a private, charitable organization recognized by the IRS as a tax [...]

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Big Star Lake Update Aquatic Vegetation Management Program

Update on the Big Star Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Program Restorative Lake Sciences March 21, 2017 We have been working with Restorative Lake Services (RLS) to reduce invasive species in Big Star Lake since 2009.  With RSL’s help we have been able to manage and significantly reduce the invasive submersed aquatic plant called Eurasian Watermilfoil (Milfoil).  [...]

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Drain update [January 23, 2017]

We provided the information below regarding the BSL Drain in our Fall / Winter 2016 Party Line BSL Newsletter. We have additional information to pass along at this time including: Plans were moving quickly to get the permit for the new drain; hold a public meeting; and get bids to construct the new drain. Based [...]

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Big Star Lake Web Cam [February 7, 2017]

We sometimes get questions regarding the Big Star Lake Web Cam. Some of our BSL Association Members think that the BSL Board runs the Big Star Lake Web Cam. The BSL Board has a great relationship with the the independents who run the Big Star Lake Web Cam. However, the BSL Board does not have [...]

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