BSLA Boater Safety Training Saturday, June 22, 2019 Location: 9 am to 3 pm [lunch provided courtesy BSLA] Location: Starlite Pavilion [behind the Lake Township Fire Station] Cost: free [class limited to 15 participants and pre-registration required] Register using the link on the website If more than 15 participants register, we will have another class [...]

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2018 Boat Parade Winners

Here are the winners Best Overall -The Gethin Family w/The Love Boat Most Patriotic The Belsito Family   Most Original the Zawacki Family w/sesame street   Most Humorous the Lauria Family (we are waiting on a photo)

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BSLA Recycling Program

Attention Big Star Lake Residents. The recycle bin is overflowing. There is lots of trash and miscellaneous garbage everywhere. Please put your clean separated recyclables in the proper bins. We are at risk for the recycling program being terminated due to garbage  being placed in the recycling bins . This is a great program...please help [...]

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From Chief Dan Beck

Special Notice from Chief Dan Beck , Lake Township Fire Department. The first Friday of each month, at 7 pm ,a Tornado Warning Test will be sounded by the Fire Department . This test will be a steady siren for 3 minutes at a constant level with no wavering .  The testing will start in April [...]

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In an effort to showcase our beautiful lake, we need the Big Star Lake owners, guests, visitors, etc. to email their favorite fall lake photos. Please take a pic in the landscape format and send them to our web guru at Updates to our website are needed in the photo department. thank you

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