Boater Safety Class

2018 Boater Safety Class Date:  Saturday, June 30, 2018 Time:  9 am until 3 pm [lunch provided courtesy of BSLA] Location:  StarLite Pavilion [Behind the Lake Township Fire Station] Cost:  Free (but is limited to 15 participants) BSLA in conjunction with our partners at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department will have a boater safety class [...]

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Road Clean Up

Mark your calendars today. The Annual Road Clean Up dates for 2018 Spring are May 11-13. Fall is yet to be determined. Please check back to see when the Fall dates will be.

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Lake Township Variance Meeting

Notice to all BSLA members: Lake Township Variance Meeting On November 2, 2017, the Lake Township Board will hear a variance request at 10:30am. Applicant is asking for a variance to build a 22 unit condo/storage building at the Bowery site. BSLA understands there will be differing opinions about this matter.  However, BSLA believes it [...]

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Pathway added

Good day to all BSLA members. Take a good look at the picture listed and you will see that it is a marker for soil boring s along 76th street heading out from Evergreen all the way to M37.  Whats the deal, you say?  Well, according Steve Leonard from the Lake County Road Commission, "the [...]

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By-Laws Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow is voting day. Please join us at the chapel at 9:00 am Saturday the 26th of August. We will be voting, and need yours, for the By-Laws for our Lake Association. The Big Star Lake Association has put together an update on our By-Laws. Please join us so we can ROCK THE VOTE!   [...]

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