Fishing Contest

Next big event at Big Star Lake is the ongoing fishing contest. Get out there and land the fish that is going to capture the first place notoriety. Go to the FISHING CONTEST page today and start charting your trophy catches.

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2010 Fishing Contest Winners

These are the categories for the 2010 fishing contest and “winners” 1. Three Age Groups: 0-9 years, 10-17 years, and 18 years and up 2. Eight different species: Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Bluegill, Perch, Crappie, Northern Pike, Walleye and Turtles. Kids 0-9 Years Old Bass …….Sam Dekieuit 20 3/4” Perch .........Jesse Genzink 10” [...]

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Fishing Contest Winners 2009

2009 Fishing Contest Winners Youth - age > 9 Teenage - age 10-17 Adult - age 18+ Large-Mouth Bass Bryson Harrington (19-1/2") Blake VerWoert (15-3/4") Matt Vriesenga (22-7/8") Small-Mouth Bass Deak Thornton (16") Bluegill no entries Ella Rae DeWyn (7-3/4") Clare Harrington (9-5/8") Crappie no entries Kayla DeWyn (12") no entries Northern Pike no entries [...]

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