To all Big Star Lake Association members and especially those who took advantage of the BSLA RECYCLE opportunity.  Our Recycle bin at the Lake Township Hall is stuffed.  This has been a huge success.  We are going to work to get a bigger bin and/or get the smaller bin emptied more frequently.

It looks like the all of you Recyclers used the Cardboard and Plastic bins most often.  We are going to be sure as we move forward to have better and bigger labels so all of you know where each recycled product goes.

As we move forward, we want to be sure that everybody knows all the RECYCLE 101’s – it can be a little confusing:

1.     Plastic bottles are labeled 1’s or 2’s – all bottles are labeled so take a look and put Plastic 1’s in the bin labeled Plastics – 1’s and 2’s in the bin labeled Plastics – 2’s

2.     Remove all water bottle caps before placing in the bin

3.     The glass bin is for clear glass only

In the picture you see Steve holding a Green wine bottle he has taken out of clear glass bin.  Where do green and brown glass bottles go?

Stay tuned.  I will update all the Recycle rules at the collection site and on this web site.

Keep Recycling.