Greetings to all BSLA Members…all 400 plus and growing! Thank you for support. I have included a few pictures of current and past board members as we continue to have contact with each other here in Lake Township and Lake County.


Below is  photo  of President Bob and I at the dedication of the worlds largest brown trout, located in downtown Baldwin.

Here is  Jean O with Township supervisor ,Uncle Don B, at recycle bin located at the township hall.


Former board members Dick H and John D with me at a small memorial for my wife Arlene. Thank you all for cards, phone calls,  and flowers. Arlene loved our time at Big Star Lake as we raised our family and grand kids as well.



President Bob has been in contact with me in regards to concerns and emails about Milfoil patches that some of you are seeing in the lake.  Since those emails,  a survey has been done by Restorative Lake Sciences and they have identified a total of 7 acres to be treated in the next 2 weeks.  Both Bob and I have spoke to Jennifer, who runs the company, and she states “Big Star Lake continues to respond well to treatment. The number of acres from years past is down”.  Restorative Lake Sciences indicated that we will never eradicate Milfoil completely, but will continue to treat for it in an effort to keep it under control.  Restorative Lake Sciences feels we are keeping a handle on it. Jennifer has offered  President Bob and I to contact her for a ride along during treatment.  It takes about 6 weeks for the treatment to work and then another survey to assess.  I will post a map later to show sites when full survey analysed.  Below is a map of its current state.



OMG, what a time we have have had driving Jean O NUTS!!!  “Too much TRASH dumped on us”, says Jean. She also states, ” we will need to make revisions to this program”.  Despite the trash here are the other concerns that are causing Jean O headaches:

Plastics and cardboard’s were abused.  The plastic need to be separated look how different types need separation.  Styrofoam, aluminum and glass went pretty good for sorting .  There also has been very little newspaper. Jean feels we may have to have the bin emptied more often. Many of the programs are beginning to charge for this extra pickup. This recycling effort has been a huge success in a short amount of time. Our current service in Baldwin runs very well, but is only for 4 hours at time and supervised. Jean welcomes ideas and comments at  Please reach out.

Thanks Larry T