Boater Safety Classes

Boater safety classes will be conducted this summer on two Saturdays, June 15, 2013 and July 13, 2013, at the Lake Township Hall Star Pavilion. The course begins promptly at 9 a.m. and will run until approximately 3:30 p.m. Lake County Marine Deputy Mike Neumann has volunteered to conduct this class, teaching the rules and safety guidelines that need to be followed when operating boats and PWC’s.

The safety of all boaters on Big Star Lake should be of serious concern to everyone using the lake for recreation. The Association’s goal each year is an accident- and injury-free boating season on Big Star Lake. Although the class is open to all, Mike’s focus will be on teaching the young aspiring boat operator safe practices, how to avoid dangerous situations, the laws relating to operating a boat or Personal water craft (PWC), and the importance of obeying them. Mike also strongly encourages the use of PFD’s (personal flotation devices) by all participants during all boating activities.

Boater Safety Classes

Boater Safety Classes

A snack and hot dog lunch will be provided to the participants by the Big Star Lake Association.

Those successfully completing the training will receive their Boating Safety Certificate. So, make your plans and mark your calendars if you or your teenager wants to earn a Boating Safety Certificate this summer and remember, if you were born in 1979 or later, you need this to legally operate a PWC!

  • you must be 12 years of age

  • you must bring proof of age (student ID, etc.)

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