1999 Big Star Lake Run 5K and 15K Run Results

15K Results:

Women’s Overall
1stDoreen Grosham3665:20*10th Overall
2ndKara Hollern1666:3114th Overall
3rdDeb Dickson3967:2615th Overall
* denotes course record
Men’s Overall
1stThad Karnehm2951:11*1st Overall
2ndJames Minnema2052:202nd Overall
3rdTimothy Cygeirt3856:383rd Overall
* denotes course record
Women’s 15 & Under
1stLinda Wittgens1581:3742nd Overall
Men’s 15 & Under
1stMatt Plachta1570:5621st Overall
2ndTim Muma1573:5626th Overall
3rdRyan Conroy1586:0945th Overall
4thTravis Dampsey1593:5847th Overall
Women’s 16-19
1stMehgan Heeringa1879:4141st Overall
Men’s 16-19
1stFrank Kirsch1961:186th Overall
2ndMatt Thull1663:068th Overall
3rdJared Bowler1664:459th Overall
4thCasey Koopmans1765:2411th Overall
5thKevin Neumann1677:1131st Overall
6thMatt Veneklas1677:1833rd Overall
7thDan O’Donnell1678:2739th Overall
8thRyan Jakubowski1878:2740th Overall
9thNolan Cooper1688:2346th Overall
Women’s 20-30
1stErin Rogers2077:4435th Overall
2ndSue Bouws2577:5136th Overall
Men’s 20-30
1stGreg Thull2259:334th Overall
2ndSteve Harper2974:1027th Overall
3rdRyan Koopmans2078:1438th Overall
Women’s 31-39
1stKathy Cox3367:3316th Overall
2ndMichelle Zyck3469:0319th Overall
3rdJeanne Zwiers3378:0637th Overall
4thBonnie Canum3682:3544th Overall
Male’s 31-39
1stDean Wheater3760:365th Overall
2ndDan Price3965:3713th Overall
3rdTim Zike3869:0320th Overall
4thMichael Hollern3971:4023rd Overall
5thMichael Cygeirt3573:3925th Overall
6thPaul May3175:4428th Overall
7thCurt VanderWall3776:4030th Overall
Women’s 40-49
1stJean Sullivan4077:1934th Overall
2ndLynne Oosterhouse4082:0443rd Overall
3rdPaula Bont4498:1449th Overall
Men’s 40-49
1stKen DeBach4861:307th Overall
2ndGreg White4167:4617th Overall
3rdJack Voss4468:0718th Overall
4thBrian Plachta4070:5722nd Overall
5thAndrew Gumieny4076:2529th Overall
Women’s Over 50
Men’s 50 & Over
1stEd Yob6365:2412th Overall
2ndStan Fortuna5272:5724th Overall
3rdPatrick Bowler5377:1732nd Overall
4thBill Bont5398:1448th Overall

5K Finishers:

1stTim Northrup23:1726
2ndMark Wybenga23:4731
3rdRich Derby25:4739
4thKyle Sullivan27:1112
5thKevin Cox27:4437
6thEric Cox27:599
7thMaureen Bradley28:0733
8thCourtney Schiefler28:0721
9thRyan Ward28:5411
10thLeanne Kolenda29:4235
11thLuke Sullivan30:049
12thDonna Fischer30:0946
13thMaureen Sullivan30:5243
14thBetty Butler31:2066
15thMichael Zylstra31:2212
16thTracey Hunter32:3629
18thKaren May34:3333
18thAllison Bryan37:0410
19thSherri Cox37:0436
20thMelissa Neinhuis40:5324
21stMissy Boyce41:2429
22ndTom Fischer43:5046
23rdGina Northup43:5026
24thMary Ellen Scully44:2845
25thJennie Bryan44:2939
26thSue Soet44:3055
27thSue Tiggleman44:31unk.
28thCarroll W. Neinhuis44:3263
29thLinda Northup45:1546
31stDiane Engelman45:3256
33rdDon Ames46:0219
34thBarb Eardley46:2660 at last
35thRebecca Eardley46:2636
36thLisa Gregg46:2620

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