1998 Big Star Lake Road Run Results 15K and 5K

1998 Big Star Lake Association

15K Run and 5K Walk

September 5, 1998

15K Results:

Women’s Overall
1stDeb Dickson3866:4719th Overall
2ndKara Hollern1567:1521st Overall
3rdKathy Cox3267:5322nd Overall
Men’s Overall
1stJames Minnema1952:401st Overall
2ndJohn Manion3353:232nd Overall
3rdDavid Richardson1855:013rd Overall
Women’s 15 & Under
1stLinda Wittgens*1486:1154th Overall
Men’s 15 & Under
1stJared Bowler1561:348th Overall
2ndKevin Neumann*1580:2546th Overall
3rdDan O’Donnell1581:5551st Overall
4thRyan Conroy1481:5552nd Overall
Women’s 16-19
1stMary Reynolds1771:1626th Overall
2nd tieMary McGrath1776:2839th Overall
2nd tieJill Inghram1776:2839th Overall
4thErin Rogers1976:5042nd Overall
5thKaren Schetz*1680:5448th Overall
6thMehgan Heeringa*1680:5449th Overall
7thMegan Wohlfert*1686:1053rd Overall
8thMegan McCormick*1697:5756th Overall
Men’s 16-19
1stChris Trasky1760:437th Overall
2ndBrendon Gary1764:3713th Overall
3rdPaul Lewakowski1664:3714th Overall
4thMatt Conklin1764:3715th Overall
5thPatrick Zambon1667:1420th Overall
6thDan Malloy1770:1125th Overall
7thJoe Sherry1771:1627th Overall
8th tieCharlie VanRooy1673:5234th Overall
8th tieNick Patterson1673:5234th Overall
10thRyan Koopmans1979:2045th Overall
Women’s 20-30
Men’s 20-30
1stJoe Bertschinger2055:334th Overall
2ndTodd VandeGutche2664:0412th Overall
Women’s 31-39
1stJean Sullivan3976:3741st Overall
2ndRhonda Carrick4478:0444th Overall
3rdSandi Bordeaux3780:5047th Overall
4thSherri Cox*3581:4947th Overall
Male’s 31-39
1stDean Wheater3660:426th Overall
2ndDan Price3863:4410th Overall
3rdTim Cygeirt3763:4511th Overall
4thSteve Huzingh3665:4417th Overall
5thRich Derby
Most Improved
3871:4828th Overall
6thBrian Zylstra*3871:4929th Overall
7thCraig Tiggleman*3171:5130th Overall
8thAndy Gumieny3972:4131st Overall
9thTim Zych3272:4232nd Overall
10thCurt VanderWall3673:3033th Overall
Women’s 40-49
Men’s 40-49
1stKen DeBach4759:515th Overall
2ndDenny Scully*4263:269th Overall
3rdGreg White4065:3416th Overall
4thRichard Schwartz4465:5418th Overall
5thJack Voss4267:5523rd Overall
6thRick Zambon4675:1337th Overall
7thPerry Pastula4077:0643rd Overall
8thMike Brown*4990:3455th Overall
Women’s Over 50
Men’s 50 & Over
1stStan Fortuna5069:1324th Overall
2ndMike Bertschinger5074:0836th Overall
3rdGene Ferencsik6176:1038th Overall
* denotes time misreported at awards ceremony — times shown here are correct.

5K Finishers:

1stMark Wybenga22:3130
2ndKatie Jackson25:4417
3rdMaribeth Hammer26:2036
4thDavid Hulst28:1650
5thRyan Ward32:1210
6thMichelle Koppenol36:4224
7thKris Michmerhuizen36:5226
8thLinda Zylstra38:0041
9thMargie Ward42:1440
10thGerald J. Post43:1856
11thColleen Holland43:3038
12thDeb Schuitema43:3932
13thDon Alsbro43:4058
14thRebecca Eardley44:3735
15thBarb Eardley45:0059.5, sure
16thSally Hoekzema46:269
18thMary Bryan
youngest participant
18thAllison Bryan46:309
19thJennie Bryan46:3038
20thTammy Hoekzema
youngest participant

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