1997 Big Star Lake Association

15K Run and 5K Walk

August 1997

15K Results:

Women’s Overall
1stAnne McGrath1764:006th Overall
2ndJodi Stanley3564:0013th Overall
3rdDeb Dickson3764:5415th Overall
Men’s Overall
1stBrian McKeiver1755:041st Overall
2ndEric Essick1757:342nd Overall
3rdDean Wheater3557:473rd Overall
Women’s Under 14
1stKara Hollern1472:1126th Overall
Men’s Under 14
1stJared Bowler1467:1018th Overall
2ndKevin Neumann1476:3634th Overall
Women’s 15-17
1stKatie Klaver1765:5717th Overall
2ndAshley DeWildt1781:4539th Overall
3rdErin Combs1782:5442nd Overall
4thJennifer Agents1782:5443rd Overall
5thSara Bowler1783:2345th Overall
6thJill Ingram1688:4147th Overall
7thMary McGrath1688:4148th Overall
Men’s 15-17
1stDavid Richardson1759:365th Overall
2ndChris Traskey1661:407th Overall
3rdMatt Conklin1662:318th Overall
4thDavid Manza1763:099th Overall
5thBrendan Gary1663:1410th Overall
6thPaul Lewankowski1563:4712th Overall
7thDan Molloy1673:5830th Overall
8thNick Patterson1573:5831st Overall
9thJoe Sherry1678:1136th Overall
10thBrendan Earl1783:2244th Overall
Women’s 18-21
1stCaralyn Fenske2072:0625th Overall
Women’s 22-30
1stElizabeth Briggs2277:2035th Overall
2ndPatty Lyons3082:4040th Overall
3rdPaula Sullivan2997:5154th Overall
Women’s 31-39
1stKathy Cox3170:0921st Overall
2ndLynne Oosterhouse3882:5141st Overall
3rdJean Sullivan3891:2651st Overall
Male’s 31-39
1stTimothy Cygeirt3658:544th Overall
2ndDan Price3763:3211th Overall
3rdSteve Huizingh3565:4316th Overall
4thGreg White3970:0220th Overall
5thTim Zych3471:5624th Overall
6thMichael Hollern3772:2527th Overall
7thJeff Neumann3772:5128th Overall
8thBob Sullivan3373:3529th Overall
9thBrian Zylstra3774:3032nd Overall
10thCurt VanderWall3580:1438th Overall
11thRich Derby3898:2855th Overall
Women’s 40-49
1stPaula Bont4291:4752nd Overall
Men’s 40-49
1stFrank Stanley4667:3419th Overall
2ndPatrick Sullivan4071:1823rd Overall
3rdMike Bertschinger4974:5933rd Overall
4thDave Sims4779:5737th Overall
5thMike Brown4890:4549th Overall
Men’s Over 50
1stRuss DeYoung5064:3214th Overall
2ndAndy Clark5770:4422nd Overall
3rdJim Zawacki54++90:5350th Overall
4thBill Bont5191:4753rd Overall

5K Finishers (due to an error, this was a 2M walk/run):

1stJohn Bauer20:05
2ndAnne Bauer20:09
3rdDavid L. Hulst20:40
4thLindsey Passenger21:48
5thKevin Fowler28:46
6thSue Fowler
7thDebbie Longfellow
8thMary Ellen Scully
9thShirley Bertschinger
10thVic Fowler
11thBrian Fowler
12thJoan Zawacki
13thKatie Coffey
14thJohn Drake
15thTim Carpenter
16thTyler Carpenter
17thKelly Carpenter
18thBrittany Passenger
19thKristen Carpenter
20thJoey Passengeryoungest finisher
21stJoey’s Mom