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August 26th, 2015 The second treatment results for Milfoil treatment were very positive with a significant response to the application. Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones, Restorative Lake Sciences, reports that the third treatment has been scheduled based on some new “hot spots” that have popped up. Included with her report were two site maps that show the recent activity. Larry Treece Sr., President, BSLA

July 22, 2015 The lake was inspected and treated for Milfoil Monday getting its second round of treatment. The areas treated on Monday morning were mostly centered around the North Bay Floating Docks and over near and in the bayou area. Many of the boats were moved to accommodate the this second treatment. Special thanks to Bev V. for hers service and assistance in moving the water crafts. We should get a full report and follow up regarding this treatment in about 3 weeks. I will work with the township to get the report posted on their website. Thank you to Dick Hayes for helping out as well. Larry Treece Sr. President

June 23, 2015 Mike Solomon from RSL treated the Milfoil weeds in several areas today. The Bayou area and the North West Bay. The North West Bay was the biggest treated area for many of the residents there were concerned with the weed growth. As many feared, there was a large patch of Milfoil there. RSL will likely be back in a couple weeks to treat around the floating docks. When they re-treat those areas around the docks some boats may need to be moved for the treatment. RSL posted notices and spoke to several owners that they need to stay away for 24 hours. Make sure you do not have any contact with the water in those areas. As more information becomes available we will let you know. Thank You Larry Treece Sr. President

June 22, 2015 The Weed Treatment that was scheduled for this week has been postponed due to the storms. I will let everyone know when they reschedule the treatment. Have a good week. Larry Treece Sr. President
 June 12, 2015 How's the golf game? We don't care if you are a scratch golfer or a high handicapper, we are looking for you. Come joins us on Saturday July 11th for the 3rd annual Rick Simonson Memorial Outing. Cost is $55 per golfer. Go to the "Events Tab" and download the registration form now to join our group.

 June 2, 2015 The Big Star Lake Association Board of Directors is asking for nominations from the membership to join the board and make a difference.  Please talk with any board member or submit your nomination by going to the following link: We also encourage you to talk with a board member about how you or a family member can help support efforts to improve the website, organize the membership database, help publish the Newsletter, support lake quality testing efforts or help out with the fireworks show just to list a few of the needs. A few hours a year will make a big difference.

May 11, 2015 The DNR put out some testing nets in Big Star Lake to conduct a study to determine the fish population. All the DNR nets are properly marked. Please do not touch or move the testing nets at any time. These nets are important to evaluate the fish population and health. We will provide more information soon.

May 6, 2015 The Road Commission announced today that the legal level lake limit has reached the 829 mark.  The drain has subsequently been shut down.  The also indicated that the drain pipe is need of repair at have notified the DEQ of this. Thank you to everyone for your patience and working with us to make Big Star a better lake. Larry Treece, President

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