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Welcome to the Big Star Lake Association site.   We hope the information here will be useful and look forward to your input and additions.  Please be patient as we continue our renovation.  Some sections are available to access.   Exciting changes are being made and we are in the process of making improvements to the site. Stay tuned as we undergo a new look.


May 11, 2015 The DNR put out some testing nets in Big Star Lake to conduct a study to determine the fish population. All the DNR nets are properly marked. Please do not touch or move the testing nets at any time. These nets are important to evaluate the fish population and health. We will provide more information soon.

May 6, 2015 The Road Commission announced today that the legal level lake limit has reached the 829 mark.  The drain has subsequently been shut down.  The also indicated that the drain pipe is need of repair at have notified the DEQ of this.
Thank you to everyone for your patience and working with us to make Big Star a better lake.
Larry Treece, President


April 21, 2015 Mission Accomplished...we have a new picture of our beautiful lake up on the home page. Thanks to Bob Steenwyk for the great picture.

April 12, 2015 Greetings to all you lovers of Big Star Lake. I have some great news to share with you as we go into the spring season. First of all, our Spring Newsletter will be going out shortly this includes the DUES keep an eye out for those. If you do not get one, please contact us thru the web site.

Lake Levels: today I received an email from Jay S at the Road Commission. The level is about 2 inches high and the drain is open to "full capacity”. He also installed a gauge so we can all read it at that spot at any time. I have notified all BSLA Board members, as well as the Township supervisor, Don Britten. We are on this issue early and will do what the law requires, but we also want to do what is best for our LAKE. I expect to hear more on this issue at the annual meeting from Progressive Lake Management as well as residents prior to the meeting.

Tom Miller, Board Member and fishing contest guru: he is getting results ready to announce from 2014. In his words, "it was a very good fishing year at BSL. Mr. Miller has been in touch with Mason County Walleye Association and we again are on track for a walleye plant.
HOWEVER, his big news or catch was this: DNR Officer Mark Tonnelo will be at our annual meeting to speak and announce he has found the funding to do a FISH STUDY at Big Star Lake! We look forward to hearing about that and what that will mean to us at BSLA.

So we are very happy to hear this and I thank you, Tom Miller, for staying on that calling me yesterday with that great news.
Board Member Bernie Woljters will also update us on the water and studies that have already been completed and will be done at BSL. Thank you Bernie for attending the seminars that will help us in managing our water environment. I’d also like to give you a shout out for help in conducting the Water Safety Class over the past years.

Bob Matjea is ALL SET you for what expects to be another great July 4th Fireworks show. Bob makes it his mission with incredible excitement to improve each year. This is a show everyone so looks forward to. Thanks Bob for your unselfish commitment to this task.

Talked with Chris Balulis today at Marquette Trails Golf Club. All is ready for our outing July 11. Most importantly the flags are in and all the tee boxes need are the golfers and to start swinging away. While the temperatures may scare a few of the fair weather golfers away, the course is open for play starting April 11th.

Website Update: I have updated most of the events for times and dates I am asking all the Board Members to take the time and review the information so that it is accurate. Some times it is necessary for a second look. Please notify our web master Peter with any additional info you can supply. Please check EVENTS Menu for any discrepancies, but in general here is dates: • Annual Meeting will be July 4 • Golf Outing July 11 • Boater safety June 27 • Road Run Sept 5

Event Managers please update the following: who, what, where, when, etc. any updates or discrepancies please contact our web master Peter at

In closing, let me also thank all those who have sent or allowed us to use photos of Big Star Lake. Please keep the photos coming. Right now we are in desperate need of a spring picture that reflects our beautiful lake for our home page. Please send one along if you have one.

We have all become much closer because of you and your sharing the views that mean so much to members of the BSLA. I also want to thank all the Board Members I serve with. Your generosity in your contributions has been extremely grateful in each of your own ways.
IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER, PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THE BSLA TO ASSIST US IN KEEPING OUR LAKE AND AREA A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE AND VACATION. Please consider as well in joining the board or asking one of your KIDS to join, LOL, this would and could continue the legacy of our great lake.
Respectfully your President 2014…Larry Treece April 1, 2015 I think Spring is here...Today the temperature reached the 60 degree mark. Is this nature's way of telling us its April Fool's Day? As it is sure to head back to the low 40's? Let us hope it is just April Fool's Joke.

It is time to come up with a Spring Picture for our front page. If any of you have a picture that we can put in reflecting spring time on the Big Star Lake please send the picture by email to the webmaster. His email is

March 3rd, 2015 Greetings Everyone, as we now enter March we await the arrival of spring. This week the BSLA will meet and again plan our events for the upcoming year.

GOOD NEWS Water Safety Class • We will have a Water Safety Class scheduled for June 27 at the Township Hall. • Time is 9-3 • PLEASE PARK BEHIND TOWNSHIP OFFICE NEAR THE PAVILION. • Thank you Bernie W for getting that done. Annual Meeting • Looks like our Annual Meeting will fall on July 4th • Firework Display also planned and I know Bob M is all over that show!!!..
Upcoming Events • Road Pick Up Dates to be determined • Golf Outing is scheduled for July as normal. Road Run is scheduled as usual for the Labor Day Weekend with more information on that to come. • Fishing Events Tom Miller has stuff" on the hook" so to speak. We are getting great fish stories and he is working to get Walleye for this year.

BAD NEWS Update on Marine Officer Mike Neuman • Officer Neuman willl retire at the end of April 2015. • I had a great talk with him and he is staying in the area and will be involved with keeping Lakes and Streams a priority in Lake County. • He states he is feeling fine following surgery but the time has come to serve at a different level. • “You will still see me on the water, maybe with a different hat but you will see me" • Has assured me of Sheriff Bob Hilts commitment to the Marine Patrol Division including meeting and introducing new staff at the BSLA Annual Meeting in 2015. • Mike thank you for your service not only to BSLA but to the people of Lake County.

The Drain is closed at this time and we continue to monitor with Lake County Road Commission. Jay S has worked with us and we will be on it to keep legal levels at Big Star. Thank you Judy Miller for some great Pictures on Facebook and permission to use on our sites. If anyone else has picture please send and just give us the okay to use.
Thank you all for support. Lots of good things happening at BSLA.
Please visit our tour page for a full pictorial tour of Big Star Lake.

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