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 Monday 05/16/16
The date and time set for the Water safety course is Sat June 18 at 9:00 am  at the Lake Township Pavilion.  Deputy P.K. Maddox, Lake County Sheriff’s Department, will be the instructor.

Sunday 05/15/2016

Greetings to all BSLA Members…a short update on the drain. The drain is open and running, but is in poor shape as the pipes have eroded under the road and in other places. The Road Commission is working with an architectural firm on a new design and replacement for this structure which has been in use since 1987. We expect to have more information shortly and will update BSLA members at that time. As always Lake levels continue to go thru a normal cycle and we are doing our best to monitor the Road Commission to insure they comply with the court order. See you at the annual meeting on July 2 at 10am. We are near completion of a mailing list review and will send out the BSLA Newsletter soon.
Larry Treece, President BSLA


-Recycling Dates-

The dates Iisted for Big Star Lake Recycling are:

June 11, 2016 – 8:00-Noon

July 9, 2016 – 8:00-Noon

August 13, 2016 – 8:00-Noon

-April 14th, 2016-
Greetings to all BSLA members.  Just a brief note to let you know we will have the web site updated by this weekend for all our events for 2016. As most of you have heard, we have high water this spring and the lake has been draining at the full capacity of the drainage system. Please be aware that we are working with the County Road Commission to upgrade this system which was built in 1987 and has had several repairs in the past few years.
The Spring Newsletter will be mailed in the next few weeks, as well as our annual membership dues mailer. Please continue to support the BSLA as we work to keep Big Star Lake healthy, safe and clean.  We all should work to support our County and Township neighbors.

Sincerely, Larry Treece | BSLA President

-April 5th, 2016-
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Please visit our tour page for a full pictorial tour of Big Star Lake.

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