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Welcome to the Big Star Lake Association site.   We hope the information here will be useful and look forward to your input and additions.  Welcome to the next exciting stage in the evolution of our new website. The new website also has exactly the same content as our old site, but just moved around some of the content locations.


Attention Snowmobilers on Big Star Lake: To make sure that all snowmobilers on Big Star Lake are safe, we are providing notice that in the Big Star Lake North Bay, there is a “bubbler” being used to keep ice from forming around a dock and boat lift in the water. So there is no misunderstanding, it is not unlawful to use a “bubbler.” Each cottage owner needs to make his/her own decision about using a “bubbler.” Since this is the first time the Big Star Lake Association can recall anyone using a “bubbler,” we simply wanted to do what we can to provide notice that the bubbler is being used and that anyone using Big Star Lake for recreational purposes in the North Bay needs to be aware of the bubbler and be careful. Best of Winter sporting to all.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to Our Big Star Lake Family


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