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Welcome to the Big Star Lake Association site.   We hope the information here will be useful and look forward to your input and additions.  Please be patient as we continue our renovation.  Some sections are available to access.   Exciting changes are being made and we are in the process of making improvements to the site. Stay tuned as we undergo a new look.


January 12, 2015 The Big Star Lake Association would like to extend its condolences to the Roger Mathews family. Roger served many years representing our association and was helpful in many ways. He always had a story to share and a email that would make you may not have always agreed with him but you knew where he stood.We will honor his service and memory. Larry Treece, President

January 8, 2015 The level of the lake was checked on January 6th.  The level of the lake is at the legal limit.  They have since closed the drain. Respectfully Jay Syrewicze Lake County Road Commission. posted for Larry Treece, President

January 1, 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR

December 3rd, 2014 There is a new section on the website.  Under the About Menu is an expanded section called "NEWS".  Here you will find more in-depth information about our Lake Association.  Today there was a report posted about the BSLA Water Quality Sampling.  It is for your review.  If you have questions please contact the Board.  posted by the webmaster (pj piatek)

Please visit our tour page for a full pictorial tour of Big Star Lake.

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