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July 8, 2014
Professional Fireworks displays are very safe, but there is a real danger when things go wrong.  Big Star Lake had such an occurrence in this year's interrupted Fourth of July display.  Click Here for more information about what happened. Larry Treece President

June 27, 2014
Just got a call from Sheriff Bob Hilts to inform us he can not be at Boat Parade this year.He has had surgery and sends his regrets to the BSLA...he also let me know that Marine Officer Mike Neuman will have surgery on July 2 nd and he is hoping for relief from the pain he has endured the past month. He also thanked us for the support to his department over the years and will make a point to see us at a later date... our prayers and support to them both. Larry Treece President

June 11, 2014
Water Safety Class Scheduled for June 28th has been canceled.  Officer Mike Neuman is having back surgery and is unavailable.  We haven't been able to find a replacement. Larry Treece, President

June 4, 2014
Jay from the Road Commission called.  The Big Star Lake temperature has reached 68 degrees.  The Drain is now closed, effective June 3, 2014. Larry Treece, President

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